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While I can see the benefit of module supplied v11n I am rather astonished  about your suggestion you had 200 modules for which no versifications fits. 
This does not appear terribly likely . Can you please clarify?
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Packaging a v11n with its module is probably next on my list of improvements to the JSword project. We have 200+ minority language modules for which no registered v11ns exist. So the easiest will be to package with it. So if anyone has a format suggestion, please let me know. Are we definitely going to host this in the data folder? rather than the conf file? JSword's versification mappings are stored in properties file, with readable textual references. And I like the idea of being able to check that visually. If possible, it would be nicer to have that in a readable form, rather than binary which makes things difficult to troubleshoot. (just my 2 pennies)

(There's already code in JSword to map between versifications btw. I believe Sword has some too.)

On 6 January 2014 15:19, Костя Маслюк <kostyamaslyuk at gmail.com> wrote:

Another thing that was encountered with many concerns is ability to deploy with module it's v11n system.

Technically this task is quite simple, but we have found that difficulty is in the area of defining policies. Due to concerns that this feature will be used as we not suppose it to be used it cant be "public" and even maybe should not be documented.

I still see some points that this feature makes sense for:
1. It will help to test and fix bugs when we start to release sword with av11n-mappings support. We would switch any particular module from sword supplied v11n to module supplied and vice versa at any time and do not wait next sword release.

2. if we define binary format for v11n it would give better sync with jsword development. I think it would be useful if there will be ability to export v11ns with mappings data from sword core into file and then supply those files with jsword.

3. many v11ns would be supplied only with modules as not many people actually use them. Regular Bible reader may need only one versification system.
4. it just add flexibility and freedom, important principles for free software development.

module will have one additional file in its data folder, it store v11n data in binary format. Mappings data is also included. When SWMgr loads module it also register v11n from that file. To avoid collisions v11n name is equal to loaded module name.



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