[sword-devel] av11n mapping

Костя Маслюк kostyamaslyuk at gmail.com
Mon Jan 6 03:52:35 MST 2014

Hi all. Just would like to remind some ideas i have suggested in past that
wasn't implemented or final conclusion wasn't told (or maybe i missed

The general idea is to have ability to translate from one v11n system to
another, as different v11n systems would have different content for same

At moment there is test implementation for some v11n systems. Its based on
intermediate v11n, source verse primarily is translated to intermediate and
then from intermediate into destination v11n system. Intermediate v11n
system is a meta v11n system that consists of all possible Bible verses and
is based on King James version.

There are data tables and tool for building v11n-maping data. Data for
Synodal and NRSV are self made and i do not claim any restriction on this
work, Vulg is based on CCEL data and i do not know  anything about
restrictions on this data.

Meta v11n isn't documented anywhere as no difficult cases was posted by
Troy or Chris.

Implementation on frontend level looks like following:
SWMgr mgr;

VerseKey v1 = mgr.getModule("KJV")->getKey();

VerseKey v2 = mgr.getModule("RusSynodal")->getKey();

v1 = "Ps.147.1";


cout << v2.getRangeText(); // "Ps.146.0-Ps.146.1"

And there is void VerseMgr::System::translateVerse(const System
*dstSys, const char **book, int *chapter, int *verse, int *verse_end)
for low level access.

Frontend developers did not expressed about desired method to work with this.

Hope that something was changed and we can go further. Blessings.
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