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Wed Feb 26 21:29:13 MST 2014

Hi Joseph,

I'm not sure where you've seen this mentioned on our site, but we've 
recently written a distributed authoring tool for Bible scholars to 
collaboratively transcribe ancient manuscripts for the Institut für 
neutestamentliche Textforschung.

You can see the software here:


Enter into the quick lookup field: p1
press enter, select the first search result, and click on the first 
thumbnail (click on the 'open new image viewer hover icon next to the 
image if you actually want to see the image of the manuscript page).

You can experiment and play with the editor.

The [Version History] button will let you compare different versions of 
your own editions and also compare any of your versions to the latest 
version of anyone else who has saved work.

The ChiRho edit box will let you type any Greek character(s) and give 
you paleography assistance.

The [From Basetext] will load up the editor with data from a designated 
basetext for the verses indexed for the image, so the editor has a place 
to start.

The [Discuss] icon will begin a forum message about the content being 

We have project management and work assignment / progress, etc. builtin.

And these tools are all integrated into a mature portal environment so 
you have all the standard portal tools that come out of the box: shared 
calendars, files, message boards, wikis, etc.

Not all functionality will be there for you to play with unless you 
create an account and login, and then more would be available if you had 
admin access, but all of these tools are opensource and available for 
you if you feel they are useful for your team.

Hope this is helpful,


On 02/26/2014 07:07 PM, Joseph Coates wrote:
> Hey, I'm a software developer working in Shanghai and I'm new to the 
> SWORD project. You're site mentions having "distributed/collaborative 
> authoring & editing tools and textual analysis tools" but I'm not 
> seeing these on the site or github (I might just be looking in all the 
> wrong places).
> Three things: (1) Would someone give me a brief description of the 
> project(s) going on having to do with bible translation? (2) Please 
> provide a link to download the latest build(s) as well as to any 
> documentation, todo lists, etc. (3) If you're working on something in 
> this domain, I'd also love to know who you are.
> Thanks
> Joseph Coates
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