[sword-devel] Architecture and DVCS - was : Re: Project "Free Scriptures" started

Peter Von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Wed Feb 26 06:23:42 MST 2014

> Gesendet: Mittwoch, 26. Februar 2014 um 10:50 Uhr
> Von: "Nic Carter" <niccarter at mac.com>

> Sorry for the top-post-reply, but here it is, so I guess I'm not all that sorry ;)
> The main bit of code you are referring to (parsing the HTML) is my code. There is other code that parses the return from an FTP server, which is ancient code. My code is (relatively) new, only about 3 years old? (I'm sure you can look it up?)
> I agree it is completely a hack. I have had no time to fix it, but TBH, when I do "fix" it I will be ripping curl out of PocketSword and using native iOS stuff and will do all downloads that way. (Currently I download various bits using the build-in SWORD methods & various bits using native iOS Obj-C methods.)

The main background to this of course is that HTML parsing was never meant to be in the code, but that the FTP distribution was considered as the norm. The architectural decision behind all this was that any module installation can act as the root for a distribution. No index files, no fuss, no effort. And HTTP transfer was only grudgingly accepted as a way of allowing some frontends to work.  

Personally I think this is not really anymore a convincing decision - many not terribly IT savvy people might want to distribute small collections of modules and could do this a lot easier from some webspace than by way of maintaining a public FTP server.

But this is the background. And I think if you want to change that you need to challenge this specific view of practicality. 

> I agree that switching to DVCS is a sane move & that sticking with SVN is like shooting yourself in the foot. However, it seems like it's never going to change, so I'm not going to fight that battle (insert comment about loosing battles in order to win the war, and the "war" is producing excellent software for iOS, which I'm actually currently loosing, but that has nothing to do with CrossWire and everything to do with myself and lack of time right now).

I would like to see a move to Git. I understand it. I can use it , it gives heaps of benefits which are all lost when using hacks like git-svn and there is no sane reason that using Git would loose that central repo with tight control.  

Jsword has done that move, and I think it was beneficial for all concerned.


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