[sword-devel] What needed to make a SWORD module for OOYLT?

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Tue Feb 25 01:17:03 MST 2014

On 2/24/2014 3:13 PM, David "Judahs Shadow" Blue wrote:
> On Sunday, February 23, 2014 10:27:54 PM Chris Little wrote:
>> The original order OT versification is available in the MT versification
>> system (or, for that matter, the Vulg and LXX versification systems,
>> depending on your definition of "original").
> So the MT or other existing v11n does the writings section of the Tanakh(sp?)
> has the combined books of the Jewish v11n? If so could not someone make a YLT
> with the MT v11n?

The book order of the MT is:
Gen Exod Lev Num Deut Josh Judg 1Sam 2Sam 1Kgs 2Kgs Isa Jer Ezek Hos 
Joel Amos Obad Jonah Mic Nah Hab Zeph Hag Zech Mal Ps Job Prov Ruth Song 
Eccl Lam Esth Dan Ezra Neh 1Chr 2Chr

There is none of the combined book stuff because no one uses the Bible 
like that. No one refers to the 20th chapter of the minor prophets or of 
Ezra/Nehemiah or anything similar. Ignoring some corner cases relating 
to the deuterocanonicals, reference systems addressing the 39 books of 
the OT always make reference to the 39 books separately.

>> Someone with an interest in "Hebrew studies" is not likely to find
>> Young's Literal Translation with KJV versification but a mangled book
>> structure very useful or interesting.
> I was thinking on that more of using the "original order" in Hebrew modules
> rather than just YLT.

I think all of the Hebrew modules use MT or Leningrad as their 
versification system, so they would use the standard MT or Leningrad 
book order. The same goes for the 1917 JPS, which uses MT.

>> There is no possibility that we would ever consider adding an OOYLT
>> versification system to Sword. There's no value in sacrificing system
>> memory for fringe theories based on numerology.
> So what about doing v11n at run-time rather than compile time, that way the
> v11n is only loaded in memory when the module using it is open. I'm also not
> certain where numerology came in?

Run time loading of versifications has not been implemented. It raises 
various complications of its own.

The person starting the thread wants a 49 book Bible instead of a 66 
book Bible in part because 6 is evil and 49 is not--hence numerology.


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