[sword-devel] What needed to make a SWORD module for OOYLT?

rscheng rscheng at ooylt.onlinewebshop.net
Thu Feb 20 10:17:03 MST 2014

Dear SWORD developers

The Lord has been prompting me to see that a sword module for
Original Ordered Young's Literal Translation (OOYLT) is made.  This 
bible is YLT books rearranged and merged to 49, instead of 66, 
books - the original order before Jerome maliciously shuffled the 
bible books to 66 books in the 4th century.  You can see the order 


and more comments are at


The OT order is close to that of the Tanach, but not quite - Tanach 
has 24 OT books and OOYLT OT has 22 books.  And the NT books are 
shuffled to give priority to the Jesus's apostles.

I am trying to see what is involved in creating an OOYLT sword module 
- not sure if I am competent for this job - I am not a geek nor am a 
bible scholar (do not know Greek or Hebrew) - if someone else senses 
the Lord is calling to help or create the OOYLT sword module, let me 

Am I correct that I would need to create a versification first?  How 
do I do this?  Build one at Versification Systems,
http://versification.wikifoundry.com?  Or something else?

Do you foresee other major obstacles I would have?

In Jesus, Raymond

rscheng at ooylt.onlinewebwshop.net

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