[sword-devel] Where has the OSIS validation schema gone?

Kahunapule Michael Johnson Kahunapule at eBible.org
Thu Feb 6 11:24:23 MST 2014

On 02/06/2014 02:14 AM, David Haslam wrote:
> Upon checking, I found that simply to replace "www.bibletechnologies.net"
> with "ebible.org"
> still gives an error.
> Validation of current file using XML schema:
> ERROR: Element '{http://ebible.org/2003/OSIS/namespace}osis': No matching
> global declaration available for the validation root.

Alas, but you are right. That is because the namespace has to match that given in osisCore.2.1.1.xsd, which is "http://www.bibletechnologies.net/2003/OSIS/namespace".
Thus, you can't just globally replace "www.bibletechnologies.net" with "ebible.org" but must be more selective about replacing just "http://www.bibletechnologies.net/osisCore.2.1.1.xsd" with "http://ebible.org/osisCore.2.1.1.xsd" in OSIS documents for validation to continue to work. Use of the bibletechnologies.net domain name in this way should not be a problem.

To get rid of the bibletechnologies.net domain name altogether would require editing the OSIS schema, which we could do, but I think there is value in just keeping as much the same as we can, at least for now.

Sorry about the earlier misstatement.


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