[sword-devel] Av11n modules - was Deuterocanonical books / Apocrypha

Barry Drake bdrake at crosswire.org
Thu Feb 6 09:30:56 MST 2014

On 06/02/14 16:07, Greg Hellings wrote:
> Taking you to Revelation is the default behavior of the engine if it 
> can't parse your input into a meaningful address. This means either 
> EsthGr doesn't appear in your versification or it is not listed in 
> your locale configuration as a valid abbreviation for one of the 
> books. It doesn't necessarily indicate something is wrong with your 
> module but more likely that something is wrong with your canon*.h 
> file, or your English language locale file.

Thanks for the suggestion.  I can't see any of the deutero-canon books 
in any of the Sword locale files.  The relevant bits from my canon*.h 
file are:

   {"Judith", "Jdt", "Jdt", 16},
   {"Esther (Greek)", "EsthGr", "EsthGr", 7},
   {"Wisdom", "Wis", "Wis", 19},


// Esther (Greek)
   13, 12, 6, 18, 19, 16, 24,

The original NRSVA canon header includes EsthGr, so I tried and 
unmodified original.  I still got Revelation.  I think EsthGr must be a 
valid abbreviation, since
./lookup webbe_a "EsthGr 2:1" seems to find the book, but returns an 
empty verse.  I'm really puzzled now.

God bless,        Barry.

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