[sword-devel] Av11n modules - was Deuterocanonical books / Apocrypha

Barry Drake bdrake at crosswire.org
Thu Feb 6 08:59:30 MST 2014

On 06/02/14 03:00, Kahunapule Michael Johnson wrote:
> So... take your pick. You may choose to use the OSIS files I generate 
> with Haiola <http://haiola.org> (or generate some yourself, since 
> Haiola is free and open source). Or you may improve usfm2osis.py and 
> use it. Either way, I recommend that proprietary extensions and tweaks 
> to the modified OSIS format you import as Sword modules be created in 
> a separate step, just in case others take advice given previously that 
> OSIS be used to author Sword Bible modules.

I've just tried usm2osis.py and found it to be a very effective tool.  
It was far easier for me to put some edits into the usfm files and then 
convert.  In addition to AddPs.150 being altered to AddPs there is also 
a need to change EpJer.6 to EpJer.1 and to alter EsthGr.10 - 16 to 
EsthGr.1 - 7.  Having done that, I was able to make a modified version 
of canon_nrsva.h with the differing chapter/verse counts and rebuild the 
library.  I now have a nearly correct module.  As EpJer does not exist 
in the NRSVA booklist, it was easier for me to make the chapter into 
Bar.6 instead.  However, it is very easy to add EpJer into the 
versification system by altering my canon_webbe_a.h if required.

Bear in mind that many of us don't use Microsoft Windows or MacOS so the 
Haiola programs are not a lot of use to us.  I would say one thing: the 
Haiola generated OSIS puts each chapter into one line. This makes it 
very cumbersome to edit.  This is why I turned to usfm2osis.  If I want 
to edit the OSIS lines, I can do it easily using gedit.

However, I have to say that right now, I am really stuck!  All the 
attempts I have made to produce modules leave me with a module that has 
all the books except EsthGr.  When I go to Esther (Greek), I get 
Revelation.  This happens whether I use Michael's OSIS or the one I have 
made.  If anybody has any ideas I could try, please say.  As I made the 
module as a rawtext version, I was able to look at it in a text editor.  
EsthGr seems to be in the module and there were no error messages from 

I have tried the commandline example 'lookup' and this finds a 
completely empty verse for every one I look up in EsthGr so I know the 
problem must be in the module.

The OSIS fragment at the start of EsthGr looks like this:
<div type="book" osisID="EsthGr">
<title type="main">THE REST OF THE CHAPTERS OF THE</title>
<title type="main">BOOK OF ESTHER,</title>
<chapter sID="EsthGr.1" osisID="EsthGr.1"/>
<div type="section">
<verse sID="EsthGr.1.1" osisID="EsthGr.1.1"/>
<verse eID="EsthGr.1.1"/>
<verse sID="EsthGr.1.2" osisID="EsthGr.1.2"/>
<verse eID="EsthGr.1.2"/>
<verse sID="EsthGr.1.3" osisID="EsthGr.1.3"/>
<verse eID="EsthGr.1.3"/>
<verse sID="EsthGr.1.4" osisID="EsthGr.1.4"/>
Then Mardocheus said, These things are of God.
<verse eID="EsthGr.1.4"/>
<verse sID="EsthGr.1.5" osisID="EsthGr.1.5"/>
For I remember the dream <note>See Greek Additions to Esther 
6:5-11.</note> which I saw concerning these matters, and nothing thereof 
has failed.

God bless,        Barry.

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