[sword-devel] Av11n modules - was Deuterocanonical books / Apocrypha

Barry Drake bdrake at crosswire.org
Mon Feb 3 15:01:35 MST 2014

On 03/02/14 21:38, Kahunapule Michael Johnson wrote:
> To the best of my knowledge, there are no Bible book name errors in 
> the OSIS files I generate. There might be some ambiguity in the 
> interpretation of book names for Daniel and Esther from the Greek 
> Septuagint vs. the fragments that only contain the parts that the 
> Hebrew Bible lacks. If I'm mistaken (which is entirely possible), 
> please tell me which books are in error, and what the current and 
> proper spellings are. Then I can fix them.

As I'm making a new header file I think I ought to be able to adapt 
whatever you have in the OSIS file.  What would help enormously would be 
if you could let me have a list of the apocrypha book names as they 
appear it your OSIS file.  I can seek and eventually find, but if you 
have such a list, it will save me a lot of time.  Most of them (such as 
EsthGr) will be as they are in NRSVA, but as Chris and DMS have 
mentioned, some are different and that is what is making the present 
problem.  I'm sure I can get around it though. Obviously if I end up 
with a good module, I'll make it available to anyone who wants it.  I 
quite like the WEB version and want to have it on my box!

If you would prefer to work on the OSIS file yourself, the below is what 
the NRSVA canon expects (the figure at the end is the maximum chapter).  
Any of the names listed may be used for the book.  It is 
case-sensitive.  Examples are EsthGr and 4Macc.  As you can see, the 
extra Psalm is simply called AddPs and expects 1 verse, which is why the 
number confuses osis2mod.
struct sbook otbooks_webbe[] = {
   {"Genesis", "Gen", "Gen", 50},
   {"Exodus", "Exod", "Exod", 40},
   {"Leviticus", "Lev", "Lev", 27},
   {"Numbers", "Num", "Num", 36},
   {"Deuteronomy", "Deut", "Deut", 34},
   {"Joshua", "Josh", "Josh", 24},
   {"Judges", "Judg", "Judg", 21},
   {"Ruth", "Ruth", "Ruth", 4},
   {"I Samuel", "1Sam", "1Sam", 31},
   {"II Samuel", "2Sam", "2Sam", 24},
   {"I Kings", "1Kgs", "1Kgs", 22},
   {"II Kings", "2Kgs", "2Kgs", 25},
   {"I Chronicles", "1Chr", "1Chr", 29},
   {"II Chronicles", "2Chr", "2Chr", 36},
   {"Ezra", "Ezra", "Ezra", 10},
   {"Nehemiah", "Neh", "Neh", 13},
   {"Esther", "Esth", "Esth", 10},
   {"Job", "Job", "Job", 42},
   {"Psalms", "Ps", "Ps", 150},
   {"Proverbs", "Prov", "Prov", 31},
   {"Ecclesiastes", "Eccl", "Eccl", 12},
   {"Song of Solomon", "Song", "Song", 8},
   {"Isaiah", "Isa", "Isa", 66},
   {"Jeremiah", "Jer", "Jer", 52},
   {"Lamentations", "Lam", "Lam", 5},
   {"Ezekiel", "Ezek", "Ezek", 48},
   {"Daniel", "Dan", "Dan", 12},
   {"Hosea", "Hos", "Hos", 14},
   {"Joel", "Joel", "Joel", 3},
   {"Amos", "Amos", "Amos", 9},
   {"Obadiah", "Obad", "Obad", 1},
   {"Jonah", "Jonah", "Jonah", 4},
   {"Micah", "Mic", "Mic", 7},
   {"Nahum", "Nah", "Nah", 3},
   {"Habakkuk", "Hab", "Hab", 3},
   {"Zephaniah", "Zeph", "Zeph", 3},
   {"Haggai", "Hag", "Hag", 2},
   {"Zechariah", "Zech", "Zech", 14},
   {"Malachi", "Mal", "Mal", 4},
   {"Tobit", "Tob", "Tob", 14},
   {"Judith", "Jdt", "Jdt", 16},
   {"Esther (Greek)", "EsthGr", "EsthGr", 16},
   {"Wisdom", "Wis", "Wis", 19},
   {"Sirach", "Sir", "Sir", 51},
   {"Baruch", "Bar", "Bar", 6},
   {"Prayer of Azariah", "PrAzar", "PrAzar", 1},
   {"Susanna", "Sus", "Sus", 1},
   {"Bel and the Dragon", "Bel", "Bel", 1},
   {"I Maccabees", "1Macc", "1Macc", 16},
   {"II Maccabees", "2Macc", "2Macc", 15},
   {"I Esdras", "1Esd", "1Esd", 9},
   {"Prayer of Manasses", "PrMan", "PrMan", 1},
   {"Additional Psalm", "AddPs", "AddPs", 1},
   {"III Maccabees", "3Macc", "3Macc", 7},
   {"II Esdras", "2Esd", "2Esd", 16},
   {"IV Maccabees", "4Macc", "4Macc", 18},
   {"", "", "", 0}

God bless,        Barry.

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