[sword-devel] Papua New Guinea translations (and others)

Chris Burrell chris at burrell.me.uk
Mon Oct 28 15:35:19 MST 2013


There are around 260 Bibles available on ftp.ebible.org. I've started
automating a tool that takes the OSIS files produced by Michael's Haiola
and converts them into Sword modules/conf files. These are mainly
translations for Papua New Guinea. There are still some issues to sort out
like choosing the right versification and some possible data cleansing

In the meantime, I was wondering if CrossWire would like to host these and
if so what the process would be.

* registering the initials for each version. At the moment, Michael has
them labelled by their ethnologue language code, which only creates 1
collision with the current modules (the Klingon translation!)

* who would maintain these conversion going forward (happy for that to be
me, or someone else).

* whether we would consider new versification schemes to accommodate some
of the translations. For example, the NRSVA scheme which is the only scheme
which supports 4 Macc. only contains the Old Testament (at least in
JSword) . Some of the translations seem to be based on the NRSVA
versification for the OT but also have a NT. What would be the preferred
approach for coping with this kind of scenario?

(Also, if anybody has any ideas on how to detect the most appropriate
versification for a particular OSIS text, please do let me know - the only
2 ideas(fuzzy matching a full list of verses, or identifying verses that
differentiate the versification schemes - both have their own set of issues)

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