[sword-devel] merge raw & avraw repos?

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Sun Oct 27 02:05:16 MST 2013

It's been over 4 years since the release of Sword 1.6.0, when av11n was 
introduced. I believe that every front end that is still maintained now 
supports (to one degree or another) av11n modules.

Following the release of Sword 1.7.0, I no longer produce separate 
KJV-v11n and av11n versions of modules when producing updates. Also, 
because of changes to the way osis2mod produces modules, all new Bible 
and commentary module releases are tagged as requiring Sword 1.7.0.

Would now perhaps be a good time to merge the raw and avraw repositories 
(i.e. get rid of the avraw repository and allow av11n material in raw)? 
I don't mind our hosting multiple repositories, but the av11n vs. 
non-av11n distinction is not one that I think our users ought to need to 
worry about. It just brings confusion.


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