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There is a lot of linked audiocontent available for Xulsword/mkbible. There has also been extensive discussion on this.list on the best way for integrating audio content. Osis allows for that, as do our modules, but so far few have used this. 

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Hi, I e-mailed the Bible Time list about this, but I thought I would e-mail this list as well.
Is there support for Audio Bibles built into SWORD?  Are there any audio Bibles hosted already?  If there aren't any would it be ok to package some to include in the repos, assuming Audio integration could be included in most SWORD programs.
I am specifically working on an Ubuntu Touch Bible app, and would like to have an offline Audio Bible, as "Faith comes by hearing". It would be great to include this functionality.  Of course if crosswire wont host this, I suppose I might get a repo going somewhere.

The audio Bibles I have in mind are of course public domain, namely librivox.org.  Of course they contain an intro about librivox and are not in verse by verse sections.  There is also a public domain KJV bible read by firemen (though I can't remember where I found that one... something like firefighters.org... not sure though)

Anyhow thanks for any pointers you can give (especially specific header files if they exist)

May the LORD Jesus Christ continue to bless all of you for your precious work!


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