[sword-devel] HTML5 File API and SWORD modules

Stephan info at tetzels.de
Thu May 9 17:50:04 MST 2013


> Any web server worth its salt and properly configured will already gzip
> outgoing data. Thus the need to transfer the data in a compressed format
> is unnecessary.

Jpp, that's true. What do you think: Should the server part be a service 
of crosswire (so it is hosted on their servers) or it is better do 
develop an easy-to-install server app, that everybody can install or 
host it by themself.

> Compressing for storage into a client-side storage mechanism would be
> quite valuable on devices which truly are space-limited. But even a
> low-end semi-intelligent phone these days comes with around 1G of
> storage. Even our biggest Bible module, in its unprocessed full OSIS
> glory only sits at a few MB. Such super space-limited devices are even
> more bound by processor and RAM than by "disk" storage making any
> on-the-fly processing quite painfully limiting.

If we use indexedDB you can store their a compressed arrayBuffer/Blob 
(using zlib.js e.g.). Have you thought about how to make the keys for a 
key/value storage?


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