[sword-devel] XHTML Rendering of OSIS Reference Doc - Whitespace

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Wed May 8 12:31:00 MST 2013

OK guys,

I'm starting work on this. I've setup a test in our testsuite for 
whitespace against our OSIS reference doc. Here are the links:

(whitespace test added at the end)

OSIS Reference Document:

Before I start any work, I want to show what output we get currently. It 
is obviously seriously messed up.

This is from the new XHTML filter set (which is based on the HTMLHREF 
filter set). The first obvious issue is the passthru of the OSIS <div> 
elements as-is. Anyone like to suggest exactly WHAT they would like as 
output from the XHTML filterset from the OSIS Reference document here? 
Current output below:

<div sID="gen1" type="bookGroup"/> <h3>Old Testament</h3> <div 
osisID="Gen" sID="gen2" type="book"/> <h3>THE FIRST BOOK OF MOSES CALLED 
GENESIS</h3> <div sID="gen3" type="section"/> <h3>Introduction and 
Outline</h3> <br /> This is the <b>Book of Genesis</b>, the <i>first</i> 
book in the Bible. It may be outlined as follows: <br /><br /> <ul> 
<li><i>1</i>Creation of Heaven and Earth, 1:1-2:4a</li> 
<li><i>2</i>Creation of Man and Woman, 2:4b-25</li> <li><i>3</i>Fall, 
3:1-24</li> <li>...</li> </ul> <br /><br /> Tables work like this: 
<b>Column 1 Label</b> <b>Column 2 Label</b> Column 1, Row 1 Column 2, 
Row 1 Column 1, Row 2 Column 2, Row 2 <br /><div eID="gen3" type="section"/>
<div sID="gen7" type="majorSection"/> <h3>From Creation to Abraham 
[ Genesis 1:1 ] In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. 
<br />
[ Genesis 1:2 ] Text of verse 2.

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