[sword-devel] HTML5 File API and SWORD modules

Stephan info at tetzels.de
Wed May 8 07:45:25 MST 2013


> A client-side Sword application could do something similar. I had begun
> work on such an app at one point. However, in order to fetch data, a
> native client-side JavaScript implementation would be much better off
> leveraging the existing technologies - like localStorage and IndexedDB -
> for local storage and retrieval and downloading the requested materials
> from a remote server that offered them up in an appropriate format. The
> Sword format is poorly designed for client-side JavaScript access. But
> the Sword library, either through bindings into Python or Perl or
> through directly writing a C-based application or using Java bindings or
> JSword could easily be made to serve up data in an XML format (imagine
> that!) or JSON (personally, I believe this is better for web-based
> transport) which can then be cached on the local side.

My aim is to build an JS app, that is fully a offline app.(maybe you 
need a internet connection to download the sword modules and store them 
in some kind of storae (indexedDB, ...), but you can also do local 
import). There is no need to convert the modules to JSON or XML, since 
we can access the sword format in JS.

> At that point, though, you're talking about something which is largely a
> port of Sword into JavaScript rather than just a client. It would need
> to be capable of understanding and parsing input and transforming that
> into the appropriate values for a key-value store in order to retrieve
> the rendered data.

Jpp, it is more like a port to JavaScript. But I don't want to write 
everything from scratch and hope the Emscripten project will do good 
progress =)


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