[sword-devel] HTML5 File API and SWORD modules

Stephan info at tetzels.de
Wed May 8 07:37:57 MST 2013


> Now, having said this, I use javascript+html/css all the time and would
> like a more native approach to building SWORD applications in this
> environment, hence a javascript interface via Cordova.

That means you want to write native plugins (sword api wrappers) for 
every supported plattform? Android will rely on JSword and the others on 
C++ lib, right? What about Windows Phone? Do we have  C# bindings?

I like the idea of having plugins for most of the current plattforms. I 
did the same for BibleZ for webOS, but I also like the idea, to have a 
pure JS implementation that relies only on web technologies :)

> When FirefoxOS decides to write their system libraries in javascript,
> then I will respect their decision to not allow other developers to link
> to native libraries. :)


Thanks for your feedback!

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