[sword-devel] FAQ update request.

Nic Carter niccarter at mac.com
Thu Mar 21 17:46:27 MST 2013

So, a bug was just reported to http://www.crosswire.org/bugs/browse/PS-72 to say that our FAQ is about 4 years out of date. Work on PocketSword started near the end of 2008 (by Ian) and it was released on the App Store in December 2009.

Our "public" FAQ is at http://crosswire.org/index.jsp?section=FAQ#Do_you_have_a_Sword_program_for_my_phone_or_PDA.3F
Our "developer" FAQ is at http://crosswire.org/wiki/EnduserFAQ#Do_you_have_a_Sword_program_for_my_phone_or_PDA.3F and is updated to reflect the actual situation.

My opinion is that we should completely do away with the JSP version of our website and completely move across to the wiki. David is amazing at keeping on top of it and poking us when our individual parts need fixing (which we sometimes ignore, sorry David!). If we just redid the main page of the wiki to be more end-user-friendly, then we wouldn't have our website be so insanely out of date? :)

/me goes and hides in the corner.


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