[sword-devel] Searching for hyphenated words?

Israel israeldahl at gmail.com
Sat Mar 2 17:59:01 MST 2013

   Regarding the example of Beth--el or Beth-el or Bethel (and related 
to all the other words):
The search needs to be the most intelligent thing.  The user doesn't 
need to remember if a word has an endash or emdash, etc...  the search 
should be able to "know" that Beth--el or Beth-el or Bethel  or Beth El 
are all the same word... even being able to find ???-??would be nice.

   If the search engine could suggest the correct term for my incorrect 
one, I would be able to find what I am studying (without having to even 
know that there are multiple types of dashes.) The users need to have 
the easiest time reading the bible possible, and the easiest time 
finding the right verse.  It is already incredibly valuable to be able 
to search whole phrases (instead of the old concordance flipping pages 
back and forth).  Correctness in punctuation is secondary as DM stated 
in the 1611 he didn't see much of the current dash usage.


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