[sword-devel] Permission to create Tok Pisin module GRANTED

Chris Burrell christopher at burrell.me.uk
Tue Jun 25 11:54:11 MST 2013

So I tried the first book (AAI) and it seems almost all good, except that
it complains it doesn't recognise "2Thes" when creating the module. I
believe this should be "2Thess" instead... As a result the book was missing
when my UI showed it on screen. Not sure if this is the case across the

And I tried another random book (GAM). Seems to be missing the starting
chapter marker. And I can't get any of the content up (perhaps because the
module doesn't get generated properly).

Hope this helps a bit. Is anyone intending to create a module repository
for all of those wonderful texts?

On 25 June 2013 05:41, Kahunapule Michael Johnson <kahunapule at mpj.cx> wrote:

>  I think that I'm once again clear of David's issue list for the Tok
> Pisin Bible, with the exception of releasing an update to Haiola. My
> development copy has essential fixes for OSIS generation that the current
> published version lacks: better placement of verse end markers and
> correction of a serious bug in handling the USFM tag \vp*. (\vp ...\vp*
> doesn't even get converted, since Sword doesn't yet handle that feature,
> but the bug ate some text.) I have regenerated all of the public Scripture
> source files at ftp://ebible.org/pub/Scriptures, and the updates are
> uploading, now. (Look for a fresh file date to see what has been uploaded
> so far.)
> I'll follow with the release once I finish up a couple of other things
> that I'm working on in Haiola and do more testing. I'll see if I can get
> that done before DH once again reminds me of my fallibility. :-)
> Shalom,
> Michael
> On 06/21/2013 08:50 PM, David Haslam wrote:
> Thanks Michael,
> I knew that you'd be on to it. My message was just to keep the rest of us au
> fait with the situation.
> The USFM file for ESG does not have the omissions observed in Michael's own
> OSIS XML file.
> The latter was converted from the USFX files using Haiola.
> So some attention is required on how the USFM => USFX transformation works
> for ESG.
> Or it may be a weakness in Haiola?  Either way, we need to find a way
> forward.
> As regards matters arising from using usfm2osis.py on the downloaded USFM
> files,
> these are explored in detail on our tracker.  See
> http://www.crosswire.org/tracker/browse/MODTOOLS-49
> Best regards,
> David
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