[sword-devel] What is a mid-verse title?

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Mon Jun 10 14:35:14 MST 2013

Xiphos picks off pre-verse headers and outputs them wrapped with
"<br/><b>%s</b><br/><br/>".  That's all it does.  It is the
responsibility of ... something else ... to see to it that there is
adequate whitespace being generated in the chapter prior to any header.
Yes, there have always been some modules (e.g. NASB) within which some
number of pre-verse headers don't get enough preceding whitespace.  I am
not aware of having any heuristic by which Xiphos can determine a need
for more whitespace as pre-verse headers are being inserted into the

Xiphos does no special handling of mid-verse headers; I have always
presumed that they simply appear in the middle of the verse text, and
are thus obtained in the ordinary course of verse text acquisition.

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