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Jaak Ristioja jaak at ristioja.ee
Mon Jun 10 12:49:32 MST 2013

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Argh, someone must have changed things on SVN lately, so this patch
was invalid for the current trunk... I wish you guys would learn git
or something. Anyway, here's something which should apply to SVN 2819,
I hope.

SHA1SUM: 071a4fb64f1d0c2ed5d746d08791592f76eaf633


On 10.06.2013 22:34, Jaak Ristioja wrote:
> Attached is a patch for this. Please apply.
> SHA1SUM: 9a99e34ce419ea3288a32148d431ec971fb0e675
> Blessings, Jaak
> On 10.06.2013 19:38, Jaak Ristioja wrote:
>> I'm working on the patch but here's a short overview of the 
>> problem, in case discussion is required. The problem is that
>> source code using Sword can't do stuff like:
>> #include <sword/versekey.h>
>> This is VERY BAD, because we must do
>> #include <versekey.h>
>> and provide -I/path/to/sword/includes/ to the compiler every
>> time. The problem with this approach is that versekey.h might
>> also exist in /usr/include or in other -I/include/paths.
>> Additionally, this makes the #include list rather
>> incomprehensible, especially when we want to sort it
>> alphabetically. There's no telling what <versekey.h> refers to -
>> is it part of Sword, part of something else, or a typo (e.g.
>> maybe this needs to be "versekey.h").
>> Why #includes like <sword/versekey.h> don't work is that the
>> Sword headers themselves use includes like <versekey.h> instead
>> of "versekey.h" which is correct. If I don't include 
>> -I/usr/include/sword in my compiler arguments, but #include 
>> <sword/versekey.h>, the versekey.h file tries to #include
>> <swkey.h> which fails because it can't find the file in in the
>> include path.
>> The *.cpp files in Sword also need to use "" instead of <> to 
>> distinguish between header system and local header files.
>> Afaik this is just best practice. Existing code using #include 
>> <versekey.h> etc will continue to work as long as the 
>> -I/path/to/sword/includes exists.
>> Blessings, Jaak
>> On 10.06.2013 19:21, Jaak Ristioja wrote:
>>> Actually I just remembered another serious flaw which causes a
>>>  headache for developers using Sword. I'll write a patch ASAP.
>>> Blessings, Jaak
>>> On 10.06.2013 09:43, Troy A. Griffitts wrote:
>>>> Jaak,
>>>> I accepted and applied your header file patch nearly 5 months
>>>>  ago.  Are you telling me that you still have 549 warnings
>>>> from SWORD headers?
>>>> Troy
>>>> On 06/09/2013 11:55 PM, Jaak Ristioja wrote: On 09.06.2013 
>>>> 23:21, Troy A. Griffitts wrote:
>>>>>>> I don't think other developers are getting ignored. 
>>>>>>> Please be specific.  Just because I don't accept a
>>>>>>> patch doesn't mean a developer is getting ignored.
>>>>>>> In fact, many times trying to make this release, when 
>>>>>>> people complain that we need something fixed for this 
>>>>>>> release, I ask for a simple testsuite addition to show 
>>>>>>> the problem and desired result, and don't get a 
>>>>>>> response.
>>>>>>> I don't believe the problem is as you think it is Jaak.
>>>>>>>  Many people whine about this or that. Not all whine
>>>>>>> for things to go in the same direction.
>>>>>>> Everyone whines for a release but not everyone is 
>>>>>>> willing to help submit tests and then fixes for those 
>>>>>>> tests.
>>>>>>> You stated that you would get involved to help, but you
>>>>>>>  only submit things for which I previously told you I 
>>>>>>> wasn't interested in accepting (worrying about
>>>>>>> pedantic warnings whose changes often make the code
>>>>>>> less readable and do nothing to improve any of the real
>>>>>>> problems for the end user.  Though I do appreciate a
>>>>>>> few of the warning fixes you submitted, a few being
>>>>>>> actual bug fixed too (thank you)-- I'm just ranting
>>>>>>> right now.)
>>>> As a BibleTime developer, I want to available tools (-Wall, 
>>>> -Wextra, cppcheck, etc) to fix any errors in my code. Due to 
>>>> the Sword header files which generate a lot of warnings this 
>>>> task is VERY inconvenient. For example, when I compile the 
>>>> whole of BibleTime with GCC, I get 549 warnings from Sword 
>>>> headers (mostly for unused arguments) - how am I supposed to 
>>>> find the warnings relevant for BibleTime? This alone often 
>>>> makes it a pain to develop BibleTime and gives me enough
>>>> reason to want to fork Sword.
>>>> Turning on and fixing pedantic warnings will help find real 
>>>> bugs. FACT! Forcing developers to work blindfolded will not 
>>>> help anyone.
>>>> The same tools can be used to find bugs in Sword code, and 
>>>> SHOULD regularly be used for this purpose to ensure code 
>>>> quality. As is obvious these are currently NOT BEING USED by 
>>>> Sword developers. However, when things eventually break,
>>>> users complain to the BibleTime project. Hence, it is also in
>>>> the interests of front-ends to ensure that the code of Sword
>>>> is of good quality. Again - if Sword won't work to ensure
>>>> this and wont let us in to fix things, we have another reason
>>>> to fork.
>>>> This again leads us to the issue of attracting new
>>>> developers to Sword. I don't want to write on this more than
>>>> necessary to provide a small argument for my conclusion.
>>>> Afaik the current situation isn't working well. Biggest
>>>> obstacles for me personally include working blindfolded,
>>>> submitting patches by e-mail and not getting enough feedback
>>>> for (ignored) patches and other emails.
>>>> To conclude - maybe its just me, but altogether I really
>>>> feel it were easier to maintain a parallel fork (at minimal
>>>> to provide set of patches) than to waste my time writing
>>>> long letters trying to make this relationship work in its
>>>> current form. I accept whatever path the Sword project takes,
>>>> but if it's not enough for the needs of BibleTime and our
>>>> devs, we will make our own choices as well.
>>>> Blessings, Jaak The BibleTime team
>>>> PS: I apologize if this late-night response is 
>>>> incomprehensible.
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