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Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Sun Jun 9 13:26:27 MST 2013


Is everyone happy with SVN HEAD?

I'm happy with the vspace cleanup.  Does it meet everyone else's need?

Do all the bindings build ok?  It sounded like Peter still had some 

Greg, do I still need to apply a patch from you?

I've deployed HEAD for our SWORDWeb installation at: 

I've browsed through some various locations: Gen, Matt.5+7, Ps., etc. 
which might cause trouble.  Most all seemed to display fairly well.


On 06/09/2013 05:09 PM, Greg Hellings wrote:
> ...please just release 1.7.0 now. 15 months ago Troy promised it would 
> be released the following month. Some things have happened that made 
> it a bit difficult, but 15 MORE months beyond the already-too-long 
> time is ridiculous. Please just release it as it is and then make 
> regular bug-fix releases to address each of these outstanding bugs.
> Please, stop with the "one more bug" or "one more thing" or "next 
> week/month, I  promise". Just release it. Xiphos is unable to make a 
> new release because it has been repeatedly promised that "very soon 
> now" a new Sword would be released, so the application has committed 
> to the current SVN of Sword. BibleTime has support for several of the 
> existing Sword features in a development branch but cannot make a 
> release with that support because of a commitment to only supporting 
> released Sword versions.
> Troy, you've said one reason you procrastinate releases is because you 
> don't like going through the release process. I've offered twice now - 
> with no response - to manage a stable branch of the library and make 
> regular bug-fix releases from that while main trunk development 
> continues onwards. With git, I already maintain such functionality on 
> the github mirror of CrossWire - doing it for a stable branch would 
> not be more difficult. Maybe someone else would also be willing if you 
> don't want me to do that.
> But please, can we just have a release? 'Twould be nice.
> --Greg
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