[sword-devel] usfm2osis.py in bibledit-web

Teus Benschop teusjannette at gmail.com
Sat Jun 8 12:48:02 MST 2013

​i friends,

Thank you for the input.

I mentioned about basic input consisting of \id, \p, and \v markers only,
but did not mention that the \c marker is there too. Thank you Michael for
pointing that out.

​On my workstation, it will now download the newest version of the Python
script every night, and then integrate it into bibledit-web, so that the
software always has the newest version of the Python script. It's part of
the chain to product Sword modules from bibledit-web. Thank you David for
the suggestion.

I tried to reproduce the bug about unhandled USFM tags, and am now only
getting "Unhandled USFM tags: \id (1 total)​" in a sample situation where
all the 66 books of the Bible are lumped together into one USFM file, so
that this one file has many \id ABC tags. But when leaving each book in one
file, and converting them like "python usfm2osis.py bible -r -x -o
bible.xml 01_Genesis.usfm 02_Exodus.usfm ...", it works fine. Thank you
Chris, for leading me to look deeper into it.


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