[sword-devel] usfm2osis.py in bibledit-web

Teus Benschop teusjannette at gmail.com
Sat Jun 8 02:53:55 MST 2013

Hi friends,

I downloaded the usfm2osis.py script, and integrated it into bibledit-web
for conversion from USFM to OSIS.

The copyright notice in the script says "CrossWire Bible Society", so I'd
like to thank the maker for creating the script.

When converting basic USFM, consisting of \id, \p, and \v markers only,
through the script, it says "Unhandled USFM tags: \id, \v (2 total)".
Perhaps I am doing something wrong?

This is how it's called:

timeout 120 python scriptFolder/usfm2osis.py Bible -r -x -o
osisFolder/xmlfile.xml usfmFolder/filename.usfm 2>&1

I am thinking of integrating the older Perl version also, so that the
bibledit-web users can choose which output suits them best in their
particular circumstances, and with their particular USFM dialect.

Teus Benschop
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