[sword-devel] mobile development update and invitation to participate

Mark Trompell mark at foresightlinux.org
Wed Jun 5 23:27:38 MST 2013

On Wed, Jun 5, 2013 at 8:20 PM, Костя Маслюк <kostyamaslyuk at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi, again, i didn't expected that it would be so fast, but i have succeed
> with clucene. Now there is version with indexed search for symbian available
> (S60 should work but not tested yet):
> https://sourceforge.net/projects/bibletimemini/files/rc1/

Hi, I just installed the symbian ^3 version on my N8 with Belle.
Works great, only getting the sources takes some time. And the
interface looks a bit unpolished.
Anyway it will replace meebible here.
Indexing one module (GerNeuUe) took ~3-5 minutes yesterday.

> Blessings
Blessings to you

Mark Trompell

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