[sword-devel] Help wanted: LXX & Orthodox versifications

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Sat Jul 27 23:53:01 MST 2013

We have two new versifications that look like they will be ready for 
inclusion in 1.7.0: a LXX versification for LXXs & translations of LXXs 
and an Orthodox versification (based on the LXX v11n, but using a 
different book order and fewer books).

These are all based on chapter and verse counts from a set of LXXs and 
LXX translations, and the process of generating these counts had to be 
done by hand since few of the source texts are digitized and those that 
are digitized are not generally trustworthy.

I believe I did a fairly accurate job of checking every chapter for its 
highest verse, but I'm not confident that there are no errors. So I 
would really appreciate if some of you could volunteer to check my work. 
There aren't any particular technical requirements for this, beyond 
being able to use a browser & a text editor.

There are twelve LXXs/translations for which I have collected data at

The source texts for each are listed in their .h files, near the top. 
Most of the source texts are online, usually at Google Books and/or 
Internet Archive. A couple are only available as printed texts, and I 
quite understand if no one can check those.

In approximate order of what needs most urgent checking, we have:
canon_swete.h		(Swete LXX)
canon_saas.h		(Orthodox Study Bible OT -- print only)
canon_tischendorf.h	(Tischendorf LXX)
canon_nets.h		(NETS translation)
canon_brenton.h		(Brenton translation)
canon_thomson.h		(Thomson translation)
canon_asser.h		(Asser translation)
canon_rahlfs.h		(Rahlfs LXX)
canon_howard.h		(Howard's LXX Pentateuch translation)
canon_ottley.h		(Ottley's Cod. Alexandrinus Isaiah translation)
canon_charles.h		(Charles' APOT)
canon_charlesworth.h	(Charlesworth's OTP -- print only)

The only part that needs checking is the big vm array under the "Maximum 
verses per chapter" comment. This looks something like:

int vm_brenton[] = {
   // Genesis
   31, 24, 25, 26, 31, 23, 24, 22, 29, 32,
   32, 20, 18, 24, 21, 16, 27, 33, 38, 18,
   34, 24, 20, 67, 34, 35, 46, 22, 35, 43,
   55, 32, 20, 31, 29, 44, 35, 30, 23, 23,
   57, 38, 34, 34, 28, 34, 31, 22, 33, 26,

The part that needs confirmation is that the highest verse in Gen 
chapter 1 is 31, in chapter 2 it's 24, in chapter 3 it's 25, etc. 
Chapter counts may vary slightly, but that's not important here, and 
missing chapters should simply be recorded as having 0 verses.

If you would be willing to take on a volume, please claim it.

If you have suggestions of additional LXX editions or translations that 
we should be certain we can represent, please suggest.


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