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Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Sun Jul 21 02:00:15 MST 2013

A few quick comments.

If you're using http to grab the zips, we already have an http URL which will be sure to give you the latest zip-- the packager.

If I implement the cache mechanism in the engine, I will use the same logic as what is in the packager to determine if any found zip is current.

The code for the packager is in the crosswire-java svn repo. You should be able to find the servlet with a grep. Old sucky code I'm not proud of but works.

Chris Little <chrislit at crosswire.org> wrote:
>On 07/20/2013 03:05 PM, DM Smith wrote:
>> On Jul 20, 2013, at 5:42 PM, Chris Little <chrislit at crosswire.org>
>>> On 07/20/2013 07:14 AM, Martin Denham wrote:
>>>> They should be there again now.  And Bible depends on the av
>>>> See this thread for more info:
>>>> It is a real shame the av zips are not created automatically.
>>> Or...
>>> It's a real shame that JSword doesn't use the repositories
>correctly, according to their intended usage.
>> Yes it is a shame. I'm almost done w the code to use the expanded
>repository via ftp. This will be with the release after next.
>>> Or...
>>> It's a real shame you don't write a cron job that can update the
>ZIPs nightly, if necessary. (Maybe Karl can help you, if he has a
>script to update ZIPs in his repository.)
>> Can anyone point me to the code that does the zipping? While coding
>it up is trivial, there's no point to re-inventing the wheel. Just port
>the code to a loop.
>>> The latter is probably more useful at this point and more urgent
>since I am going to write a cron job to delete the ZIPs on occasion.
>> Please don't do this until we have had a chance to write the script.
>Yeah, it's not urgent. It can wait a while. And I only intend to have
>run once a week or so.
>> What would the purpose of doing the mass deletes? Currently JSword
>uses the file time to determine whether the module has changed. Since
>our frontends do not advertise updated modules, this is no big deal.
>We've got the mechanism written to use the conf version field, but it
>is not in the frontends yet.
>There are a couple of reasons to clear out the cache on occasion. The 
>web download applet will generate ZIPs for updates and new modules, but
>don't remove pulled modules (and sometimes I forget to do it manually).
>We also get people who think they're really smart and start feeding the
>download applet things like NIV and NKJV. And the applet will happily 
>package those for them (except that they are empty of content). So it's
>nice to clear out those sorts of files from the server.
>> If the purpose is to ensure that old stuff is appropriately deleted,
>then a script comparing module conf to zips deleting those that don't
>match would be better. This is even simpler to write than the zipper
>program. This could be added to the zipper program.
>Sure, there are other ways of handling the issues.
>> BTW, Troy's position has been that it is OK to go to the zip cache
>first and failing that get the module by parts. But that there should
>be no requirement of a frontend to have the zips. Many have noted that
>getting the zip is faster and more reliable than getting by parts.
>At present, I believe that is a bad position. Shortly after updates, 
>ZIPs and the module parts can get out of sync so that, e.g., you think 
>you're downloading version 2.0 of a module, but you're actually 
>downloading 1.0 since that's what the ZIP is because no one has 
>downloaded through the applet, causing the ZIP to update. And no amount
>to trying to update from the ZIP is going to update to 2.0 until
>else hits the download applet.
>A cron job running an update script would at least mean that both the 
>mods.d.tar.gz and ZIPs get updated at approximately the same time.
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