[sword-devel] sword.js

Stephan info at tetzels.de
Fri Jul 12 10:50:01 MST 2013

> Adding it is possible.
> However, mods.d.tar.gz is optional and you cannot count on it to exist
> everywhere. If there is no mods.d.tar.gz then the InstallMgr operates
> off the directory listing of mods.d. So adding the option for mods.d.zip
> won't get you very far.

That's what I'm doing - downloading all the files in the mods.d 
directory to get a list of all available modules. Downloading one 
compressed file would be better than fetching each single file. It takes 
longer and you have to download more (say more MB/KB). It would also be 
better for the CrossWire Server to handle one request than over 300 for 
one repo (the main CrossWire one).


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