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Pola Edward 5001 at hotmail.com
Sun Jul 7 02:19:07 MST 2013

A message from Egyptians to all people all over the world ! 
 Please share it among your friends! 
 To all my  friends ... READ!

 Apparently western media is misleading, showing that Egyptians are 
revolting against a legitimate and elected president. Compared to 
western countries, I can see why they don't get what we're doing. So 
please read the following:
 1. You do not have a president who is accused
 of spying for another country, and actually escaped from prison with 
the help of foreign militias during the first revolution. A recent 
Egyptian court order specifies that he needs to surrender himself for 
further investigations into the very serious crime of collaborating with
 foreign elements.
 2. Your president is not backed up by armed militias who threaten to burn your country down whenever there is opposition.

 3. Your president did not cause your economy to sink even lower in less
 than a year, and your everyday needs' cost tripled during the same 
 4. Your president is not a disgrace to your religion 
whatever it might be, and defames it just to serve his own purposes, him
 and his terrorist group. They use religion to charade all their 
disgraceful acts, and they are far from Islam.
 5. Your 
presidents work for the benefit of your countries as a whole, even for 
those who disagree with their policies, they don't push your countries 
to the edge of a civil war.
 6. Your presidents don't make 
minorities feel threatened in their own country. Christians are not 
guests in Egypt and are an integral part of the Egyptian society from 
the onset!
 We are not revolting against legitimacy! Do not let 
your media mislead you, we're doing it because we want a civilized life 
in a civilized country.

Please support our cause .

Best Regards,
Pola Edward 		 	   		  
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