[sword-devel] Versifications and verse order

Chris Burrell chris at burrell.me.uk
Wed Jul 3 12:54:50 MST 2013


Do versifications sometimes have different verse orders to each other.

Is this something Sword copes with/is intending to cater for?

My aim is to be able to do a text comparison verse for verse, and so
assuming I have the mappings between each verse, can I take two lists and
work my way down... In other words

int i, j = i = 0;

while(i < passageLength & j < passageLength) {
  if (v11nA[i] mapsTo v11nB[j]) {
      output both verses
  } else {
    work out with of i & j is behind
    then i++ (or j++)

In the above, i and j only increment and j in particular doesn't jump
around. The idea above, is that I can read the passages for v11nA and v11nB
up front, and then process sequentially. (as opposed, to currently in
JSword, making multiple reads to the backends for each verse.)

Yes, there would be duplicates since 1 verse may map to multiple verses,
but that's ok I think.

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