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Wed Jan 16 06:18:08 MST 2013

buf.appendFormatted("<a href=\"passagestudy.jsp?action=showStrongs&amp;type=%s&amp;value=%s\" class=\"strongs\">&lt;%s&gt;</a>",


buf.appendFormatted("<small><em class=\"strongs\">&lt;<a href=\"passagestudy.jsp?action=showStrongs&type=%s&value=%s\" class=\"strongs\">%s</a>&gt;</em></small>",

Similar stuff is done for the morph's links.

Also for the showNote stuff (line 256) I have similarly removed the <small> & <sup> tags. :P

buf.appendFormatted("<a href=\"passagestudy.jsp?action=showNote&amp;type=%c&amp;value=%s&amp;module=%s&amp;passage=%s\" class=\"%c\">*%c%s</a>",

Oh, plus I went ahead and added support for OSIS underline stuff to osishtmlhref.cpp if you're interested in incorporating that back into SVN?
I actually have it on my todo list to send a diff for it and some tweaks to stringmgr.cpp, but if you take a look at you can decide what you want to pull across yourself rather than I send a patch just for the underline stuff?

Does that help?

[aside: I took a raw dump of the HTML thrown out by the filter and tried to validate it as html. I started cleaning up what was produced (by an OSIS module) and then gave up. But that is why I have the "&amp;" stuff in there, as that is what it "should" be.]

> Bibletime, same.  I know you guys have had stuff styled for quite some time.
> Would ultimately like to get this filter set to something we all can share and improve.
> Troy
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