[sword-devel] Hello, I need help with the Sword Utilities

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To use utilities
Go to the Utilities Folder , Shift + Right Click >> Open Command Window Here
You may need this power toy from microsoft for "Open Command Window Here" on XP, it exists by default in Windows 7

Now you have Command Prompt opened in the utilities directory
this is an example for Mod2Osis utility (Note It's Case Sensitive)
This Command will convert the Installed KJV Module to Osis Xml file
mod2osis kjv>kjv.xml
Another utility to convert Osis to Module is osis2mod
osis2mod Matt1 Matt.xml

Matt1 is the output destination folder
Matt.xml is the Osis Source text

Again, it's case sensitive so Matt is NOT Equal matt

Also it's better to install any sword frontend like Xiphos 

Best Regards,
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Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2013 18:09:40 -0500
Subject: [sword-devel] Hello, I need help with the Sword Utilities

I have been trying to run the sword utilities for about a week now. i have tried to find information on the exact line to use in the command prompt i am running windows xp sp3, osis2mod wont run from the folder it is in, i have to run it from cmd. When i run it from the folder it appears breifly and dissappears, so i have to drag the exe to the command prompt, i dont know if this is normal. 
if someone could paste an example of what string to use to make a module that would be great. Here is some of what i have tried through the prompt

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Sword>echo off
addld: Lexicon and Dictionary creation tool
diatheke: multi-purpose command-line frontend
imp2gbs: General Book creation tool
imp2ld: Lexicon and Dictionary creation tool
imp2vs: VPL Bible/Commentary importer
installmgr: command-line module installer
mkfastmod: command-line module indexer
mod2imp: export module to imp format
mod2osis: export module to osis format
mod2zmod: compress a sword module
osis2mod: create Bible/Commentary/General Book from OSIS
tei2mod: create Lexicon/Dictionary from TEI
uconv: convert files from one character encoding to another
vpl2mod: import from VPL file
vs2osisreftxt: return an OSIS reference for any reference
xml2gbs: import from OSIS/ThML to a General Book
for more information, tutorials, and explanations of file formats, see http://cr
Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
(C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.
You are running osis2mod: $Rev: 2571 $
OSIS Bible/commentary module creation tool for The SWORD Project

usage: utils\osis2mod <output/path> <osisDoc> [OPTIONS]
  <output/path>		 an existing folder that the module will be written
  <osisDoc>		 path to the validated OSIS document, or '-' to
				 read from standard input
  -a			 augment module if exists (default is to create new)
  -z			 use ZIP compression (default no compression)
  -Z			 use LZSS compression (default no compression)
  -b <2|3|4>		 compression block size (default 4):
				 2 - verse; 3 - chapter; 4 - book
  -c <cipher_key>	 encipher module using supplied key
				 (default no enciphering)
  -N			 do not convert UTF-8 or normalize UTF-8 to NFC
				 (default is to convert to UTF-8, if needed,
				  and then normalize to NFC)
				 Note: UTF-8 texts should be normalized to NFC.
  -s <2|4>		 bytes used to store entry size (default is 2).
				 Note: useful for commentaries with very large
				 entries in uncompressed modules
				 (2 bytes to store size equal 65535 characters)
  -v <v11n>		 specify a versification scheme to use (default is KJV)
				 Note: The following are valid values for v11n:
  -d <flags>		 turn on debugging (default is 0)
				 Note: This flag may change in the future.
				 Flags: The following are valid values:
					0   - no debugging
					1   - writes to module, very verbose
					2   - verse start and end
					4   - quotes, esp. Words of Christ
					8   - titles
					16  - inter-verse material
					32  - BSP to BCV transformations
					64  - v11n exceptions
					128 - parsing of osisID and osisRef
					256 - internal stack
					512 - miscellaneous
				 This argument can be used more than once. (Or
				 the flags may be added together.)

See http://www.crosswire.org/wiki/osis2mod for more details.

here is some of the errors i am getting

C:\Documents and Settings\Christopher Two>C:\Documents and Settings\Christopher Two>osis2mod <"C:\Documents and Settings\Christopher Two\My Documents\bible programming\Modules\text\ztext\bible"> <"C:\Documents and Settings\Christopher Two\My Documents\bible programming\osis\working File 3~.xml">
< was unexpected at this time.

C:\Documents and Settings\Christopher Two\My Documents\bible programming\SWORD U
TILITIES><osis2mod . working File 3~.xml -z><"C:\Documents and Settings\Christop
her Two\My Documents\bible programming\Modules\text\ztext\bible">
< was unexpected at this time.

C:\Documents and Settings\Christopher Two\My Documents\bible programming\SWORD U
TILITIES><output/path>"C:\Documents and Settings\Christopher Two\My Documents\bi
ble programming\Modules\text\ztext\bible"<osisDoc>"C:\Documents and Settings\Chr
istopher Two\My Documents\bible programming\osis\working File 3~.xml"
The syntax of the command is incorrect.

thank you for the help


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