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Thank you very much - will do.






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On 01/26/2013 06:05 AM, DM Smith wrote:

On Jan 26, 2013, at 10:13 AM,  <mailto:araj at critos.co.uk>
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> I'm trying to convert a number of USFM documents to OSIS using my own
> software, and then to Sword using osis2mod.  However, I'm relatively new
> OSIS, and am struggling somewhat.  Don't know if anyone can comment on any
> of the following issues?

Peter and Chris maintain a converter for USFM to OSIS, written in Perl. You
might find that helpful. Off hand I don't know where that is. You can get
more information by searching this list or from them.
Also, Kahunapule Michael Johnson on this list has converters that he uses.
He has many, many texts in USFM.

Please see http://haiola.org if you are interested in open source C#
software that converts USFM to OSIS. It might give you a head start...


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