[sword-devel] Hello, I need help with the Sword Utilities

christopher brown christopherbr7 at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 25 16:09:40 MST 2013

I have been trying to run the sword utilities for about a week now. i have tried to find information on the exact line to use in the command prompt i am running windows xp sp3, osis2mod wont run from the folder it is in, i have to run it from cmd. When i run it from the folder it appears breifly and dissappears, so i have to drag the exe to the command prompt, i dont know if this is normal. 
if someone could paste an example of what string to use to make a module that would be great. Here is some of what i have tried through the prompt

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Sword>echo off
addld: Lexicon and Dictionary creation tool
diatheke: multi-purpose command-line frontend
imp2gbs: General Book creation tool
imp2ld: Lexicon and Dictionary creation tool
imp2vs: VPL Bible/Commentary importer
installmgr: command-line module installer
mkfastmod: command-line module indexer
mod2imp: export module to imp format
mod2osis: export module to osis format
mod2zmod: compress a sword module
osis2mod: create Bible/Commentary/General Book from OSIS
tei2mod: create Lexicon/Dictionary from TEI
uconv: convert files from one character encoding to another
vpl2mod: import from VPL file
vs2osisreftxt: return an OSIS reference for any reference
xml2gbs: import from OSIS/ThML to a General Book
for more information, tutorials, and explanations of file formats, see http://cr
Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
(C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.
You are running osis2mod: $Rev: 2571 $
OSIS Bible/commentary module creation tool for The SWORD Project

usage: utils\osis2mod <output/path> <osisDoc> [OPTIONS]
  <output/path>		 an existing folder that the module will be written
  <osisDoc>		 path to the validated OSIS document, or '-' to
				 read from standard input
  -a			 augment module if exists (default is to create new)
  -z			 use ZIP compression (default no compression)
  -Z			 use LZSS compression (default no compression)
  -b <2|3|4>		 compression block size (default 4):
				 2 - verse; 3 - chapter; 4 - book
  -c <cipher_key>	 encipher module using supplied key
				 (default no enciphering)
  -N			 do not convert UTF-8 or normalize UTF-8 to NFC
				 (default is to convert to UTF-8, if needed,
				  and then normalize to NFC)
				 Note: UTF-8 texts should be normalized to NFC.
  -s <2|4>		 bytes used to store entry size (default is 2).
				 Note: useful for commentaries with very large
				 entries in uncompressed modules
				 (2 bytes to store size equal 65535 characters)
  -v <v11n>		 specify a versification scheme to use (default is KJV)
				 Note: The following are valid values for v11n:
  -d <flags>		 turn on debugging (default is 0)
				 Note: This flag may change in the future.
				 Flags: The following are valid values:
					0   - no debugging
					1   - writes to module, very verbose
					2   - verse start and end
					4   - quotes, esp. Words of Christ
					8   - titles
					16  - inter-verse material
					32  - BSP to BCV transformations
					64  - v11n exceptions
					128 - parsing of osisID and osisRef
					256 - internal stack
					512 - miscellaneous
				 This argument can be used more than once. (Or
				 the flags may be added together.)

See http://www.crosswire.org/wiki/osis2mod for more details.

here is some of the errors i am getting

C:\Documents and Settings\Christopher Two>C:\Documents and Settings\Christopher Two>osis2mod <"C:\Documents and Settings\Christopher Two\My Documents\bible programming\Modules\text\ztext\bible"> <"C:\Documents and Settings\Christopher Two\My Documents\bible programming\osis\working File 3~.xml">
< was unexpected at this time.

C:\Documents and Settings\Christopher Two\My Documents\bible programming\SWORD U
TILITIES><osis2mod . working File 3~.xml -z><"C:\Documents and Settings\Christop
her Two\My Documents\bible programming\Modules\text\ztext\bible">
< was unexpected at this time.

C:\Documents and Settings\Christopher Two\My Documents\bible programming\SWORD U
TILITIES><output/path>"C:\Documents and Settings\Christopher Two\My Documents\bi
ble programming\Modules\text\ztext\bible"<osisDoc>"C:\Documents and Settings\Chr
istopher Two\My Documents\bible programming\osis\working File 3~.xml"
The syntax of the command is incorrect.

thank you for the help

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