[sword-devel] CD ISO

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Fri Jan 25 04:42:08 MST 2013

Dear Frontend Teams,

I'm planning to burn CDs for people (about 60) who have requested them 
(yes, we still get occasional CD requests), and was wondering if you 
might wish to update your stuff in the 'latest' ISO folder here which is 
the root from where we build the ISO.


I'll update the modules and clean off the ridiculously archaic blobs of 

Historically, we've tried to include installers for Mac, Windows, and 
Linux.  I'm conceding to give up on the Linux software (on the CD), so 
we should probably just remove all of our Linux binary bundles.

These installers should be configured to allow installing of modules 
from the CD.  The InstallMgr class supports installation not just from a 
remote source, but from a local path as well.  If your installers could 
add the root of the CD path as an install source, that would be excellent.

We also try to make things run from the CD if possible.  I know BPBible 
has a 'portable' install for this and some of our other frontends run 
find from the CD as well.  If there is a binary you can place somewhere 
on the CD that, when double clicked, it can start and find it's modules 
from the CD (at least), that would be great.  SWORD looks in the current 
folder for modules, so if you place your binary in the root of the CD, 
it might just magically work.  Otherwise, you could have a subdirectory 
with your stuff and include a sword.conf which specifies a datapath of 
../ or something.  Just ideas.

You can download the latest ISO image from here so you can locally 
update it and play to test how your stuff works.


When you get it working well, if you could update the 
crosswire.org:/home/sword/ftp/pub/sword/iso/latest/ with your stuff, 
that would be great.  I'm also happy to update the CD autorun splash 
screens with anything you'd like.  Not sure how this works on a Mac, but 
we launch a silly little windows app with buttons to launch each installer.

We could also think about instructions to help people burn this to a 
thumb drive.

Thanks for any help,


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