[sword-devel] Trends in mobile platforms

Matěj Cepl mcepl at redhat.com
Mon Jan 21 08:56:36 MST 2013

On 13/01/13 21:01, David Haslam wrote:
> Two recent announcements about mobile platforms caught my attention. These
> were timed to make the headlines during the CES 2013 in Las Vegas.
> 1. The advent of *Ubuntu Phone* (formerly Ubuntu Mobile) as an alternative
> to Android OS.
> 2. The prospect of *Firefox OS* based mobile & tablet devices based on
> HTML5.
> With these in mind, it should prompt thoughts by front-end developers as to
> the opportunities with these platforms for developing new SWORD or JSword
> based Bible study applications, or possibly adapting one or more of our
> existing ones.

If I understand correctly, then Ubuntu Phone will support HTML5
webapps-as-apps as well, so if we write HTML5-app we shoot two birds
with one stone so to say. Besides, if I would be asked about my bets
Ubuntu Phone v. Firefox OS, I would certainly bet on the latter (they
have real and multiple phone manufacturers, real phone operators
supporting them; the former has none of these things).

My €0.02 (or CZK0.02, if you want to be cheap).


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