[sword-devel] Pre-verse div and headings

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Mon Jan 21 08:07:35 MST 2013

OK, to clear this up technically.

setIntros() turns on and off the versification extra 'slots':

TSTMT BK CH:0 - chapter intro
TSTMT BK 0:0 - book intro
TSTMT 0 0:0 - testament intro
0 0 0:0 - module intro

This has nothing to do with filtering tagged content (In the engine)

setGlobalOption("Headings", "On"|"Off")

This will tell the filter set to turn on/off showing anything considered 
a section heading.  This used to only be pre-verse titles (e.g., "The 
Sermon On The Mount")-- as DM has pointed out. (Relatively) Recent 
changes have expanded this to be any content 'pre-verse'-- not just 
stuff in a <title> tag.

I can see conceptually how these can easily get blurred.  It was much 
easier to see the difference when "Headings" was limited to titles like 
"The Sermon On The Mount".  I don't like seeing these when I am reading 
through the text.  They are sometimes like "spoilers" in a movie, e.g., 
"The Death of King Saul"  I usually turn these off when I am reading.  
On the other hand, when I am flipping through my printed Bible, I value 
these to help orient me to about where I am.  Intros were seen as 
lengthy book or chapter introductions frequent in printed study Bibles.  
Now that "pre-verse" material can be lengthier than simply a section 
heading, it does blur the lines a little.

Anyway, just wanted to technical state the difference between the two 


On 01/21/2013 03:23 PM, Peter von Kaehne wrote:
>> Von: DM Smith <dmsmith at crosswire.org>
>> In the past, I've viewed the "headings" toggle as a toggle for
>> non-canonical material. But the discussion on the other thread has me wondering
>> whether intros (non-canonical) information is handled by it.
> That is exactly what I said - the headline toggle switches on everything, intros and the like.
> Now Troy says this is not how it should be and how the engine is handling it, but fact is that it does so. On all modules I have tried out where I know there is intro material.
> Now, my question - is there something very simple we module makers do wrong? Or is there some major and overarching misunderstanding between engine design, osis2mod and module makers?
> FWIW, usfm2osis.pl (and presumably usfm2osis.py) do not produce a verse or chapter 0 div but produce div type intro or something similar.
> Peter
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