[sword-devel] Pre-verse div and headings

DM Smith dmsmith at crosswire.org
Sat Jan 19 15:04:19 MST 2013

This might be related to the other thread of name normalization that is discussing intros and headings.

Prior to the pre-verse div, everything that was pre-verse was a title, aka heading. The purpose of the pre-verse div was to allow any kind of markup between verses. The net result is that all markup in the input (once we get past the OSIS header) is kept (though possibly transformed). The only exception to this is the <verse> element. It is not retained.

Osis2mod heuristically splits the material between verses by appending some of it to the prior and keeping the rest of it with the next. Simplistically, after </verse> (or it's equivalent) it looks for an opening tag and having seen that quits appending and starting the pre-verse for the next.

With the more recent modules, there is a lot of structural information between verses. This may or may not contain headings. It may or may not contain introductory material.

The structural material needs to be rendered whether or not headings are being rendered. I don't think this is the case. I hear that when headings is on, there is too much vertical whitespace, but when it is off sanity returns. I'd like to see this fixed.

The kinds of structural material that appears between verses is typically section divs and paragraphs. But it may also contain poetry containers (i.e. <lg> and <l>)

Regarding introductory material, we have support through Chapter 0 and Verse 0 of book and chapter introductions. But I don't think we have support for section introductory material (I haven't seen it in a module either, so the question is anticipatory).

In the past, I've viewed the "headings" toggle as a toggle for non-canonical material. But the discussion on the other thread has me wondering whether intros (non-canonical) information is handled by it.

But if we have a section that starts in the middle of a chapter and that section has a title and a paragraph or two of introduction, how is that to be handled?

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