[sword-devel] Finding out copyright programatically

Chris Burrell chris at burrell.me.uk
Sun Jan 6 10:05:12 MST 2013


Can I suggest adding something in the module configuration and/or
sword/jsword backends that could indicate what kind of copyright we're

I personally would find that useful if I want to make available public
domain resources in some fashion to others, and thereby not include some of
the copyrighted material.

For example, if I'm going to allow people to include hooks into STEP to
obtain and display the Scriptures on their websites, I'd want to make sure
I can sift through the texts that I make available and the ones that I
don't (see my separate thread about CMSses)

I guess this could be as trivial as looking for "Public domain" or
"Copyright" in the field in the configuration, but in the numerous emails
from the last few days, someone said something along the lines that we were
trying to be consistent but aren't always.

If, we think, this is consistent enough, I'd be happy to implement a simple
getter on the BookMetadata object in JSword.

If we don't think this is valuable and the .conf files aren't consistent,
I'll simply maintain an "opt-in" list for those resources that are public
domain + those I've obtained permissions from
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