[sword-devel] Updating copyrighted modules

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Sun Jan 6 04:07:54 MST 2013

> Von: Manfred Bergmann <manfred.bergmann at me.com>

> Am 06.01.2013 um 09:50 schrieb Andrew Thule <thulester at gmail.com>:
> >  The site makes it seem like anyone can contribute to module creation,
> modification.
> > 
> Anyone can contribute to module creation.

Thanks, Manfred. Indeed, anyone can. We have hundreds of modules produced by dozens of contributors. 

What you can not do is publish on your own server what is licensed to CrossWire. 

What we do not want is that people interfere in existing relationships around existing copyrighted modules. Certainly not by breaching copyright and publishing such modules on their own server.

Hardly secretive cabale...


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