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Andrew Thule thulester at gmail.com
Sun Jan 6 01:50:54 MST 2013

So module development IS restricted to a select and apparently secret group
(who know who they are)?  You have not quite been honest, transparent, or
forthright in this then Peter.  How was I suppose to know that was the
case?; and yet you've stood my accuser knowing full well that your
accusatios were unreasonable.

If it is the case that certain module development is restricted ONLY to a
select secret few, you should apologize for the false impressions you've
left.  You've false accused me publically of purposeful mischief and
lawlessness.  I've been acting in good faith trying to contribute on false
information. I had no idea this was the case, and you certainly don't
advirtise it on the site.  The site makes it seem like anyone can
contribute to module creation, modification.

Knowing full well ONLY a select secret group of hand chosen developers are
permitted to work on particular modules you've said nothing about it until
now and brought into question my character and ethics knowing I was
attempting to act in good faith.  You cetainly had no issue with it when I
was the one submitted the module, but apparently there are HUGE issues in
sharing existing modules.

For the sake of decency and transparency please document this in the Wiki.
If it is the case that new volunteers here are only accepted for the work
they can contribute, but are otherwise excluded from contributing to module
improvements, make that clear too so people have reasonable expectations.

Finally, do the honourable thing and acknowledge that you've not been
honest in your dealing with me.  A simply apology will suffice.  I am


On Sun, Jan 6, 2013 at 3:01 AM, refdoc at gmx.net <refdoc at gmx.net> wrote:

> Much of what we publish is copyrighted. We obtain detailed clear
> permission before anything goes on a public server. For the avoidance of
> doubt I describe the usual process of updating such modules.
> There is usually a core group member who has negotiated the exact, often
> highly variable terms under which we can distribute. There is usually also
> a direct link to a named person on the publisher's side. Occ we have
> permission to republish and update without new interaction, usually though
> not. In non English texts particularly, but others too occasionally
> volunteers from the wider circle are involved in negotiations and
> maintenance of contact.
> As publisher relations can be very sensitive no one outside of the people
> directly involved with a particular text is encouraged to do things off
> their own back. Sometimes it becomes obvious the our link to a publisher
> has gone stale. People go, companies are sold, etc. This can make obtaining
> permission for an updated text tricky and prolonged.
> Core group members know who they are and usually have a crosswire email
> address, though might be for all reasons or none subscribed to this list
> under a different one. Wider circle volunteers are encouraged to lobby for
> permissions when lobbying is considered useful. No one is encouraged to
> share copyrighted text in whatever form here on the list or in other
> places.
> If a copyrighted text has been updated, then the osis file should be
> emailed to Chris as per wiki, not put on the web. Chris or Troy will then
> check if our permissions are still ok and eventually update the module.
> This can all appear slow and tedious, but dealing with publishers well is
> crucial to what we want to achieve.
> Peter
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