[sword-devel] ISV status?

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Sat Jan 5 00:55:46 MST 2013

On 1/4/2013 12:11 PM, Andrew Thule wrote:
> On Fri, Jan 4, 2013 at 1:35 AM, Chris Little <chrislit at crosswire.org
> <mailto:chrislit at crosswire.org>> wrote:
>     We've actually had specific discussions with you about our not
>     wanting you to redistribute our modules, specifically because of
>     copyrighted content such as this for which WE have permission. YOU
>     are not CrossWire. Any reasonable person would conclude that he did
>     not have permission to distribute unless his name were, by some
>     coincidence, "CrossWire".
> Chris, you're already making modules based upon the ISV publically
> available (are you not?).  Once you made it clear you wanted me to 'take
> it down' and I did - where exactly is the problem here?

I credit you for taking it down, but you haven't explained why YOU felt 
it was YOUR place to do it in the first place. 'Andrew Thule posts the 
module on his FTP site' is not part of our release process.

>     I'm curious what your train of thought was that led you to conclude
>     that YOU should distribute a module that we were not distributing,
>     when your basis for distribution was a belief that WE had permission
>     to distribute it.
> I've already explained my train of thought on this.  Crosswire freely
> distributes version 1.5 of a module based upon ISV.  One of the
> developers asks about updating it to include the OT.  Checking the
> distribution rights contained in the isv.conf file, I see that Crosswire
> is already permitted to distribute this copyrighted text so offer to
> help.  You ask me to remove the module from my repo - which I do.  Peter
> gets angry and tells me to leave.

Yet, why would that have anything at all to do with you? You have no 
connection to the publishers, you didn't do the conversion, and you are 
in no way a part of the release process.

You say you checked the distribution rights presented in isv.conf, but 
it contained exactly the string present in those modules that we have 
told you in the past that you may not re-distribute. You prevent reading 
of other such .confs on your FTP site, so you're clearly aware that this 
is material you should not be re-distributing. But you did it anyway, 
because you're content to act without thinking.


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