[sword-devel] ISV status?

Andrew Thule thulester at gmail.com
Thu Jan 3 18:49:54 MST 2013

On Thursday, January 3, 2013, Peter von Kaehne wrote:

> On Thu, 2013-01-03 at 18:51 -0500, Andrew Thule wrote:
> Resistance comes about when someone with a severe case of stubbornness
> ignores being told that a particular "contribution" is not desired, not
> asked for nor even legal. Cases in point - your mirrors, Qumran
> translations and now this here. Kindness did not work. Explanation did
> not work. Bluntness did not work. You still distribute the Qumran
> translations and at this point your further presence here is
> undesired.
Peter, that I construct modules apart from Crosswire should not be a source
of conflict between us.  As long as Crosswire is disinterested in the
Qumran module, Crosswire has nought to say about it.  That you do not
exercise control over my repo shouldn't be a source of conflict either.

Before I set a repo up I offered to subordinate it to Crosswire (which
would have meant governed by policies of consensus).  I also remember
offering to generously host Crosswire mirrors at no cost to Crosswires
(with the caveate they be perfect syncronisations, reflections).  I seem to
remember this generous offer being rebuffed soundly.  I was not offended.
It is not stubbornness on my part that I run a repo independent of your
control, or create modules you have no interest in, given that in both
cases I offered these efforts first to Crosswire, only to be met with
hostility.  If you're not interested - be disinterested!

The process is to subscribe to mailing list, maybe ask what needs to get
> done, certainly get the agreement of others before one does things which
> might have an impact on the project, listen to when objections are
> raised and learn when mistakes are pointed out.

Clearly this is more than reasonable, and my actions show that with respect
to Crosswire contributions I have complied and am willing to comply with
every respect.  You'll recall that when you could find no grounds to reject
the Portuguese module that was constructed, and asked for the OSIS document
you had no argument from me.  This was only the second effort on my part
you didn't criticize.

What is not reasonable is the unspoken expectation that you exercise
control over non-Crosswire modules, or repos you are free to ignore.  On
the one hand, the impression this list gives is that the long term goal is
to decentralize repositories, yet in practice, this hasn't worked well
because the one completely independent one that exists posses some kind of
threat because it appears to fall outside your domain of control even
though this didn't have to be the case.

At some point you're going to have to decide if others can be trusted to
contribute or not.

a) copyright is important to us
> b) advertising breaches of copyright on this mailing list is verboten
> c) maintaining good relationships with publishers is a priority to us.
No issues there.  If I submit something for inclusion that is of
questionable origin I fully expect a reprimand.  However, at this point you
apparently won't even let me contribute to discussion about a module you've
already approved (ISV), therefore there are likely other issues that stand
in the way (such as heavy handed, angry control issues).

> If I've done something wrong, please identify my short-comings so I
> > may repent and learn.
> Again? Please read this email from start.
Sorry, I'll clarify:

If I've done something wrong with respect to supporting the construction
and distribution of Crosswire modules, please identify it so I can repent
and learn.  Since this post is actually about the ISV module, please let me
know how my offer to help with this effort has not been in the spirit of

If your complaint is about my repo though, that is a separate issue.  Feel
free to provide advice on its management, but don't be offended if I
continue to exercise independent judgement abouts its administration or
chose to disregard it.  (Please do reflect on how new-comers are treated
when they offer their talents (especially given recent reflections about
contributors having too little time)).

Otherwise, with respect to contributing Crosswire modules, their
construction, QA, and edits, I fully submit to your authority, and
judgement.  Your expectation I conform to your rule for this, is
reasonable, and I'm willing to demonstrate this flexiblilty.

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