[sword-devel] ISV status?

Andrew Thule thulester at gmail.com
Thu Jan 3 16:51:36 MST 2013


Have you read [James 2:13]?  It's not clear why the hostility, but I'm
trying to contribute here (albeit with lots of resistance).

If there's some secret handshake, application form, or process other than
signing up on this list that helps transition folks from being outsiders to
being insiders, please point it out.  Otherwise, close off the list
to invite only, and advertise it as a secret cabal.

Otherwise, your interpersonal efforts are better spent making people
welcomed, rather than wrath and judgement.

If I've done something wrong, please identify my short-comings so I may
repent and learn.

On Thursday, January 3, 2013, Peter von Kaehne wrote:

> On 03/01/13 20:46, Andrew Thule wrote:
>> If there are prohibitions against distributions of newer revisions of
>> the text, this needs to be documented somewhere; for how else will
>> volunteers know they are restricted to working with particular versions
>> of text?
> You are no CrossWire volunteer.
> Peter
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