[sword-devel] Reference issues

christopher brown christopherbr7 at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 12 17:20:38 MST 2013

yes i am creating a book as an osis bible and want to create a link within a paragraph to a verse "Matt 2:5" for example <reference osisRef="Matt.2.5">Matt 2:5</reference> as in the osis manuel  when i generate the bible the link within the text goes nowhere. i have tried <reference osisRef="dclines_job">Clines, <title>Job 1-20</title>, at p. 28</reference> to link to an outside commnentary and that didnt work either. i even went as far as trying <scripRef passage="2Thess 2:2">2 Thess 2:2</scripRef>. I am using pocketsword for iphone. 
Thank you very much
God Bless
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