[sword-devel] Pre-verse div and headings

DM Smith dmsmith at crosswire.org
Thu Feb 21 18:38:25 MST 2013

The KJV has book and chapter intros. These are merely the title for the book and chapter, but they'll be a good test case.

I don't know of any that have a module intro or a testament intro.

I haven't added them to osis2mod as I don't know how to reference them in the SWORD lib.

I don't know how to detect them using SWORD lib.

I do think it'd be good to have an indicator in the conf for these. 

Currently these are treated as "headings", but they can be much more than that.

I have the intro to the KJV, but haven't put it in the source yet because I don't know how to get it into the module.

In Him,

On Feb 21, 2013, at 8:24 PM, Nic Carter <niccarter at mac.com> wrote:

> Quick question about introductions in modules:
> On 22/01/2013, at 2:07 AM, Troy A. Griffitts <scribe at crosswire.org> wrote:
>> OK, to clear this up technically.
>> setIntros() turns on and off the versification extra 'slots':
>> TSTMT BK CH:0 - chapter intro
>> TSTMT BK 0:0 - book intro
>> TSTMT 0 0:0 - testament intro
>> 0 0 0:0 - module intro
> Is there any way to detect if a module contains these introductions?
> Right now PocketSword will display chapter intros if they exist (well, in v1.4.3, which is currently "in review" with Apple).
> After that, I am thinking about the rest of these intros.
> Do I programmatically check 69 different locations (well, for Bibles with 66 books) to test for
> 66 lots of (book intro != NULL)
> 2 lots of (testament intro != NULL)
> 1 lot of (module intro != NULL)
> and then know whether to offer a user to select these intros to view?
> Or is there a simpler way of knowing if these exist?
> Also, is there an English module that contains various of these intros that I can use for testing purposes? (actually, non-English will work as well, but I just won't be able to read the content!)
> Thanks heaps, ybic
> 	nic...  :)
> ps: alternatively, I could check to see if I'm displaying chapter 1 & then include the book intro at the top.
> pps: along these lines, I could check if we're viewing the first book in a testament & then display the testament intro at the top as well?
> ppps: and, carrying on, check if we're viewing the first book in the first testament in a module, and display the module intro as well?
> pppps: However, all of these ps' will make things a little more messy for the reader...  :/
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