[sword-devel] Personal Commentary and Dropbox.

Chris Burrell chris at burrell.me.uk
Wed Feb 13 00:51:43 MST 2013

As soon as you use software to study rather than to read I think you're
talking about more than 5 users.  A lot of my users will be Web based so
syncing online could almost be expected as the same people will be using
different computers
On 13 Feb 2013 02:41, "Nic Carter" <niccarter at mac.com> wrote:

> On 13/02/2013, at 3:50 AM, Israel <israeldahl at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Maybe you could create a way to plug in all the various cloud services.
>  Make it extensible.  It would be nice to have all the same modules across
> all the various sword programs on the various devices.  That may be a bit
> beyond the scope of what you were talking about.  But syncing all devices
> so that they can all share the same sword modules would be great! But,
> choice would help facilitate that.  For example I might have an iPhone with
> your program and an Ubuntu laptop with Xiphos and Bible Time and I want to
> be able to read the same Bible at home and on the train to work.  Dropbox
> (Ubuntu One, Evernote, etc...) would be a better choice for users using
> multiple platforms.
> My thinking is that this sync would be for user-generated content only.
> Notes & bookmarks primarily?
> However, no need to limit it to that I guess?
> But unless this way of plugging in "all the various cloud services" is
> done in the API, I think you'll find that it's way too much effort for each
> front-end to have to implement this.
> I know for me, features in PocketSword reflect things that I find useful
> and want for myself, along with bribery & threats...  ;)
> Nah, basically, things that are going to be useful for lots of people
> rather than a very select few. Hence I'm thinking of Dropbox as it seems to
> be the best & most common sync platform. Apple, Google & Microsoft all have
> different/ulterior motivations for their sync platforms, Dropbox is simply
> trying to make money from sync, hence (as long as they don't go bust!)
> they're my choice...  ;)
> Anyway, simple is good. Catering to a larger audience is good. Putting in
> a lot of effort for something that perhaps 5 users will ever use is not
> efficient use of my time. Something that is cross-platform is essential.
> (Dropbox supports iOS, Android, Ruby & Python, which possibly covers
> everyone? But seems to infer that Dropbox integration at the API level (C++
> or Java) is probably not gonna happen?)
> Thanks for all the thoughts so far (& unlurking!) :) I'm interested in
> more thoughts, too :)
> Thanks, ybic
>         nic...  :)
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