[sword-devel] 2nd question on displaying variants

Chris Burrell chris at burrell.me.uk
Fri Feb 8 12:00:51 MST 2013


I have a second question, slightly unrelated hence the separate thread, on
the contents of the variants. In some instances two variants show an
"either/or" (e.g. Mat 9.4 WHNU/Byz). That is, by not displaying either of
the variants we effectively end up missing a word in the text.

Unfortunately, not all variants are like, e.g WHNU Mat 1.9. See below. In
this case displaying the x-1 variant results presumably in text that was
not in the original (namely: the numbers, curly braces, the morphology
code? etc.)

*Mat 1.9:*
<seg subType="x-1" type="x-variant"> αχας | αχαζ | 881 {N-PRI} | αχας
</seg><seg subType="x-2" type="x-variant"> αχαζ </seg> 881 {N-PRI}

Is this a case of a module issue? Or is there a sensible rule that we can
apply across the board?

In the case of *Mat 9.4*, this is nicely formatted with w tags:
   <seg subType="x-1" type="x-variant">
      <w lemma="strong:G1492" morph="strongsMorph:G5761
    <seg subType="x-2" type="x-variant">
      <w lemma="strong:G3708" morph="strongsMorph:G5631

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