[sword-devel] OSIS Variants

Chris Burrell chris at burrell.me.uk
Fri Feb 8 11:09:26 MST 2013


Is there are standard subType pattern that modules are supposed to follow?

It seems Byz and WHNU are using x-<n> where n is the variant number.

    <seg subType="x-1" type="x-variant">αχας | αχαζ | 881 {N-PRI} |
    <seg subType="x-2" type="x-variant">αχαζ</seg>

I'm seeing some code taken originally from BibleDesktop which suggests
subType can be x-class-1 ?

A post on the sword list (
suggests, there is also a third subtly different form:

<seg type="x-variant" subType="x-class:1">

(i.e. a colon separating "class" from the number.

Is one more appropriate than the other form? Does a UI have to cater
for all possible forms of subtypes? Is there a page somewhere listing
the mutlitple forms this can take?

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